Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The problem...

In the lives of dogs and boys, there comes a point when it's time to find a place - just the two of them. A place where the boy can chill, watch the footy, ruminate naked, leave the seat up and...just be.

The dog is getting older (at 8, she's just a grey old puppy) and  content just to hang with Dad, have sniff, go for a cruise, swim till she wheezes and eat bones. 

But in Sydney, it's hard enough finding a room let alone a place where two friends can live in harmony - that's why we need your help. 

We need you to tell your friends about the plight of the boy and the dog: keep your eyes peeled if you're on Real Estate sites, suss out whether you or your friends are or know sympathetic landlords, check if Granny has a flat out the back of her urban mansion and post "Boy and a Dog need a home" on Facebook, Tweet about it, ask around at coffee breaks, mention it at soccer or footy training...contribute to solving this little problem.

If you have a lead (pun, sorry) then post it on this blogsite or Facebook. The Dog and the Boy will follow-it up and let you know where your nose takes them. 

If we can't find the Boy and the Dog a new home, after 8 wonderful years  they will be forced apart  a burden neither dog nor boy ought to bear.

So let us solve this conundrum.

Tweet: #home4boyanddog